We are an indie production house.

We produce all our in content in 4K DCI standard or shoot 4K UHD for slow motion. We record audio live. We ensure 99.9% of the footage is ready SOOC (straight out of camera) using Variable Neutral Density & Diffusion filters. We cut, edit, color grade & export using DaVinci Resolve.

Why did we start this?

We believe there are many creative individuals who lack the technical capabilities to express their creative passion.

Who is this for?

Do you have a actors, script and shot list ready to shoot? Then we could make that project into video utilizing our inhouse production gear, passionate cinematographers & awesome editors into a short-film, web-series or even a movie.

What can we offer?

Shoot video in 4K
Live audio recording
Color-grade, Edit, Export

What do we need?

Production Credit for your short-film or web-series, links to our website and social media channels.

How to get started?

Reach out through our contact form & we will get in touch with you shortly.

We are based in Al Barsha1, Dubai. Meet us at Starbucks or Costa and let’s catch-up.